A Java client licensed under the GPL for the HylaFAX fax server. JHylaFAX is purely written in Java and runs on any Java 6.0 enabled platform. It has a small footprint, starts up fast and features a sleek user interface.

See release history for new & noteworthy changes.


  • Faxing of documents in PostScript format
  • Polling of faxes
  • Automatic generation and preview of cover page
  • Editing of fax job parameters
  • Viewing and deleting of received faxes and stored documents
  • Support for HylaFAX admin mode
  • Monitoring of files with automatic popup of send dialog
  • Address book that supports vCard import and export as well as importing SuSEFax address books
  • Language support: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Polish, Catalan, Czech and Dutch



  • An image program to view TIFF G3 files (like kfax) for received faxes
  • A program to view PostScript files (like ghostview) for preview and stored documents
  • A running HylaFAX server (otherwise JHylaFAX is pretty useless)

JHylaFAX can be integrated with the native printing system of Windows or Unix (CUPS). See the manual for details.

About the Project

The first release of JHylaFAX was developed in 1999 based on SuSEFax by Carsten Hoeger. The goal was to provide a more intuitive user interface based on the - at that time - brand new Swing library. Unfotunatelly the development was stopped before the code reached a stable state. The 0.3.5 release of JHylaFAX looks nice, but the code is unreadable, badly synchronized, features quite a few race conditions and ugly handling of modal dialogs can lead to dead locks every once in a while.

The current release is a complete rewrite that serves as a testbed for the XNap Commons library and learning experience for the cool new Java 5.0 language enhancements. It makes use of the gnu.hylafax library for the server communication and uses JGoodies Forms for the GUI layout. The only part that is still based on SuSEFax code handles the cover page generation. This page contains a complete list of the dependencies.